The Exterior

The structural design of Alpine has been crafted with immense care and expertise. The building has an artistic soul and offers future residents an opportunity to find a great living space that mirrors their lifestyle. The external façade has been designed to evoke innovation and modern style. Superior quality, long lasting materials used in the construction process ensure that it's quality standards won't fade over the years - or even the decades! Alpine is an eco-friendly construction that requires minimal energy consumption. Maximisation of natural light, fresh air and low energy lighting throughout facilitate green living. In fact, it has received a remarkable 6 star energy rating.


Alpine boasts of spacious rooms, European kitchen appliances, and practical and protected modern living with all the conveniences of modern living. Large balconies that offer spectacular views, a stone kitchen to whip up exotic meals, luxurious carpeting that you can sink your feet into - the interior finishes have been selected with supreme care, to give you nothing less than perfection.